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1:53 PM - April 06, 2021
One of my friends neighbours was having a bad day, and said to us, never get old girls and it resonated with me.

7:52 PM - November 28, 2020
Wishing I Was Asleep
Second last day of isolation after contacting covid 19 from a family member. Aunty had it the worst, and then their was me, fearing bronchitis had its grip on me at first and mom having it the easiest.

My oldest sister has been great during this, dropping off treats and getting what we need. It was a real surprise.

5:59 PM - September 29, 2020
Long Time Coming
Aunty was diagnosed with lung cancer today, and was told it had showed signs of spreading. And I have to talk to my brother, who's in the hospital without crying or letting on that I know.


to haunt, to startle, and way-lay

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